The Loaf offers premium breads and pastries made fresh daily, inspired by the finest Japanese techniques. In addition to the quality and taste, the safety of the food has become one of the most important values which we offer to our customers to experience. These handcrafted artisan products truly emphasis on healthy, natural, chemical and preservative free elements from the beginning till the end of the preparation. In line with the company’s philosophy, all its products intricate only from the best quality of imported and local all natural ingredients without even compromising on its safety or its taste.

The breads and pastries are available for dine-in or take-away. The Loaf also offers a full range of à la carte breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus for those who appreciate the finest dining experience in a casual and relaxed ambience.


The Loaf is a lifestyle bakery and bistro, which is opened its first outlet in the picturesque setting of Telaga Harbour, Langkawi Island in 2006. Since its opening, the outlet has gradually gained popularity to both tourists and islanders alike and currently has more than ten outlets in Malaysia.

The refined art of Japanese baking has evolved over many centuries hence now these delicious premium breads, savories and pastries are brought to us by Mr Jiro Suzuki and his team of inspired by the master baker and chefs from the Land of The Rising Sun, Japan.

The Loaf, a conceptualized life style bistro cum bakery offers Japanese-styled bread, savories and pastries skillfully prepared and baked by master chefs using premium quality products, mostly imported from Japan to guarantee authenticity and quality, while other essential baking items are imported from Belgium, France and Australia.

As the recipes have evolved over centuries, the refined skill and craftsmanship of creating, preparing and baking these specially prepared breads and meals are further enhanced by the knowledge, availability and usage of the state-of-the-art cooking techniques and equipment used in our kitchens. The Loaf has set out to be world class in all that it does – baking quality, service and ambience.

All bakery items and menu offerings at The Loaf appeal to those who seek the best and those looking for something unique. There is no other concept like The Loaf in Malaysia and while there are many others, in the similar nature of business none offers the quality, range and innovation in its product selection.

The Loaf caters to discerning consumers who are confident, know what they want and are prepared to be pampered with the premium experience of fine quality service and meals. The Loaf specializes in fresh, artisan-produced breads, pastries and meals. These delicious, preservative-free items like the hand made confitures infused with fruits, flowers and herbs are available to our diners and as specially packed gifts for loved ones and friends alike.

The Loaf is very much contemporary Japanese in style, product range and cooking, while the essence of Beautiful Malaysia is distinctive in some of the pastries, hot meals and desserts passionately prepared and served by our team of experienced chefs under the guidance of the traditional Japanese style receipe.


Our philosophy denotes the importance of being sensitive to our consumers palates, we have therefore carefully redefined existing recipes, while conceptualizing new recipes which will definitely titillate not only the taste buds of our consumers but to further inspire them to pamper themselves on the journey of fine quality food, contemporary setting ambience and a redefined life style, available only at The Loaf.

Conceptualized and developed by award-winning Japanese Chefs all items produced, baked and cooked at The Loaf are made daily from the finest imported ingredients. Diners can begin their day with a cup of freshly-brewed coffee rich in flavor and aroma, then sink in to tasty freshly baked breads and pastries served hot from The Loaf’s ovens. As for lunch and dinner a wide selection of entrees, snacks, hot meals and desserts are available from the a la carte menu.

We make things with a difference. The difference is in the taste, the aromas and preservation of the ingredients. The difference is in the traditional ways of making and eating the bread naturally, without any chemical and preseravties.

Our baker still insist to make everything by hand for them to feel and get closer with the things that they were create, and support with the best possible ingredients, from imported finest flour to the best chocolate and butter that ever produce with a combination of great locals ingredients and the best coffee and vanilla bean on market, artisanal skill and passion to creates the great delectable bites that you have ever taste.

Powerful aromas, crusty crusts, creamy crumbs and nostalgic flavors recall the happiness of before and forever.

Along with our quality product, our success depends on a service staff. We strive to be constantly and consistently friendly, attentive, hospitable and courteous. We want each guest’s experience to be an enjoyable one, therefore we focus on all aspects involved: great food, gracious service, warm atmosphere, heady aromas, and irresistible displays.